Founded by Ziyu Zhuang in 2016, BUZZ (Büro Ziyu Zhuang) Architects is led by Ziyu Zhuang, Na Li, Zhengdong Qi, Fabian Wieser and Ye Yang. BUZZ has offices in Beijing (China), Shanghai (China), and Berlin (Germany). The office is committed to take the contemporary art thinking and oriental narration as interventions to develop idealogical and technological advanced designs. Through the critical thinking, BUZZ endeavors to take the design works (architectures, interiors, installations, landscape/ urban enviroments) as the “experiences containers” to reflect the “the contemporary thinking of spacial demand about the present” of today’s public.  


BUZZ's projects encompass urban designs, urban complexes, municipal buildings, museums, hotels, resorts, theaters, stadium, and housing, as well as interior design and arts. BUZZ’s signature projects include Tongling Recluse (2017), The Top of Cloud Restaurant (2018), Cropland Loop Resort (2019), The Cloud Maze (2019), Chengdu VUE Hotel (2019), The Unbound Collection by Hyatt Grand WUJI Hotel (2020), Chamber Church (2021), Longquan Mountain Observatory (2021), Beijing Chaoyang Joycity U2 by UCCA (2022), Bodu Hotel of Meri Snow Mountain (under construction) and Banyan Tree Emei (under construction), among others.