From Chinese Form to Chinese Narration

December 31, 2020

Looking back on the practice process in the past few years, "From Chinese Form to Chinese Narrative" from 2018 to 2020, BUZZ has always been committed to integrating the oriental narrative system and the conceptual perspective of contemporary art into contemporary design practice with dual innovations in thinking and technology. Through critical thinking approach, BUZZ tries to design projects (architecture, interior, installation, landscape and urban space) as the "container of experience" and expects those to reflect the "current spatial needs" at public level. 

BUZZ庄子玉工作室原型迭代图谱与山水画分形几何及散点叙事解析 2021  

To improve our development clues and supporting theoretical systems in the process of exploration, BUZZ has developed from the continuity and innovation of design products, to the stability of the realization process and the support of technology and experience, as well as the characteristics of content and the depth and breadth of content intervention. 

BUZZ, the Cloud Altas, 2020  

In the past two years, especially after the COVID epidemic, with the increasing size of the team, the diversification of project types, and the complexity of dealing with problems, BUZZ has gradually transformed from a working studio to a mid-size design firm. The change also prompted the team to re-find our own positioning from a wider dimension, and to find a new way of interpreting "from Chinese form to Chinese narrative". This interpretation continues the prototype iteration system, and explores more possibilities in the relationship between content and space.

BUZZ, 59th 威尼斯国际艺术双年展中国国家馆空间设计 2021  


As a firm with architecture and interior design, all those projects are the starting point for our exploration and discussion in all fields. We get feedback and learning from our own works. We polished the project from the early strategy to the later operation, while improving self-cognition and accumulating new prototypes. The completion of these entities has also become the cornerstone of the further development of the team. 

BUZZ, Chengdu Longquan Mountain Observatory, 2021  

At the end of 2020, the Nanjing Unbound Collection Hotel by Hyatt, which was designed and constructed for 7 years, was put into operation. As a large-scale comprehensive business with a volume of nearly 100,000 squares, it started in 2015 with a series of spatial vocabulary and prototypes that BUZZ has tried to practice in recent years: floating blocks, horizontally extending spatial gestures, landscaped architectural relationships, scattered spatial spread, and the corresponding diversity of structural selection, the presentation of temporality under different spatial and operational relationships... We confirms our own series of declarations on architecture from another aspect.

BUZZ, the Unbound Collection by Hyatt, 2021  

We can see through Banyan Tree EMei and Chengdu VUE Resort, which were designed after this project but completed first, have a series of associations and mappings, as well as the characteristics of this project and the continuation of the experience among Xining IHG Indigo Hotel and Banyan Tree Xi'an. Compared with the 1-2-year presentation cycle of some thousand-square meter projects, 7 years is a long time, however, we have learned new values, new content points, and new sense of experience from the time. These become another starting point for our exploration of the diversity of typology, the diversity of project scales, and the diversity of content levels.

BUZZ, Banyan Tree Xi'an, 2021  

It is precisely because of this project, which BUZZ worked as the control unit of architecture, interior, and landscape design, we have also brought our thinking from the architectural level into the field of interior design, especially for large-scale hotels. In the secondary interior upgrade design, combined with new operational needs, of Nanjing Hyatt, Wuxi and Ningbo Kapok Hotels of China Resources Group, and landmark buildings in Chengdu such as Chengdu VUE Resort and Longquan Mountain Observatory, BUZZ realized the integration of architectural, interior, and landscape.

BUZZ, the Unbound Collection by Hyatt Interior Upgrade, 2021  

BUZZ, Ningbo Xinhua MUMIAN Hotel, 2021   

Up to now, more than 80% of our ongoing projects have ed the integrated design with lower comprehensive construction cost and greater operational diversity and the possibility of content integration. It followed by a higher degree of space completion and business integration, and also obtained great conclusion and praise from many clients in actual operation feedback.

BUZZ, Chengdu VUE Resort Phase I, 2019  

BUZZ, Meri Snow Mountain Bodu Hotel, 2021  

BUZZ, the Chamber Church, 2021  


Similar to Nanjing Hyatt Hotel, BUZZ completed a prototype exploration in 2015, a cavity space- the Chamber Church, and finally landed it in Qingdao Cangma Mountain at the end of 2021. It is a great significance, not only because of its huge traffic feedback and attention; but also the design concept that has been carried out throughout each project that we believe architecture is the carrier of space operation and content. 

BUZZ, The Chamber Church & The Drip Church, 2021  


Relative to the occurrence of the content, the spatial prototype has a constant relationship with the site and time, related to the past and inseparable from the present. For the interpretation of space, the user is the main body, the content enriches and diversifies the space, and then users’ behavior gives the space a richer content. The Chamber Church is the starting point of this sliced narrative system. From the Tongling Recluse, to Beijing Sense Cafe, to the Cloud Maze, to Cropland Loop Resort, and then Chengdu VUE Resort, the spatial fluidity and space generated by the continuous gradient section correspondence and replaceability of content have been tried in this series of section designs and iterative maps. At the same time, as a prototype with great extensibility, the mutated continuous circular slice space will also be presented in the upcoming Nanchang Jinmao Auditorium.

BUZZ, Sense CAFE Beijing & The Cloud Maze, 2019  

BUZZ庄子玉工作室-林盘行馆剖面切片及空间叙事体系 2019  






Nanjing, Jiangsu

The Unbound Collection by Hyatt  



©Schranimages-Shengliang Su; Hui Zhang 


Qingdao, Shandong

The Chamber Church



©Schranimages-Shengliang Su


Chengdu, Sichuan

Longquan Mountain Observatory  



©Schranimages-Shengliang Su


Chaoyang Joycity U2 by UCCA  





Shenzhen, Guangdong

The Cloud Altas  





Under Construction

Deqin, Yunnan

Bodu Hotel of Meri Snow Mountain  

Architecture/Interior (Under Consrtuction) 


Emei, Sichuan

Banyan Tree Emei  

Architecture (Under Consrtuction)  





AT9 Shopping Center (Laitai Flower Market Renovation)  

Architecture/Interior (Under Consrtuction)  




Zhangzhou, Fujian

Landsea Public Building Cluster  

Architecture/Interior (Under Consrtuction)   



Chengdu, Sichuan 

Tianfu Qi’an Art & Exhibition Center  

Architecture/Interior (Under Consrtuction) 



Yuncheng, Shanxi

Yuncheng Maichang Art Center  

Architecture/Interior (Under Consrtuction) 




Chengdu Angsana Hotel  

Planning(Under Construction) 



In Progress


Banyan Tree Xi'an  



Xining IHG Indigo Hotel  



Pu'er IHG Hualuxe Hotel  




Wide Horizon Haikou Complex  


Ulanqab,Inner Mongolia

Ark Activity Center  




Ningbo, Zhejiang

Ningbo Xinghu MUMIAN Hotel  




Fuzhou, Fujian

Fuzhou Rongqiao Hotel  



Suzhou, Jiangsu

Yanjiaxiang Youxiong Hotel  




Wuxi, Jiangsu

Wuxi MUMIAN Hotel  



Nanchang, Jiangxi

Jinmao Sport Center  



Chengdu, Sichuan

Jingcheng Park Art Museum  



Ulanqab,Inner Mongolia

Nomads' Beacon Tower  



Nanchang, Jiangxi

The Drip Church  



Ningbo, Zhejiang

Ningbo Jinzhong MUMIAN Hotel  




Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Alibaba Yingwan Project in Xixi Wet Land  



Chengdu, Sichuan

Longquan Mountain Observatory Phase II  




Foshan, Guangdong

Foshan Haitian Plant Renovation  

Urban Design


Tangshan, Hebei

Tangshan Limin Bridge Renovation  

Brigde Design 





Haikou, Hainan

cdf Haikou Complex and Hotel  


竞标对象:MVRDV、Zaha Hadid、Valode&Pistre、Snohetta  


Jinmao Art and Culture Center   




02. AWARDS  


2020 Dezeen Award年度最佳设计事务所Shortlist  

2020 WAN年度新锐事务所Shortlist  

2020 Esquire时尚先生年度人物/年度建筑师  

2021 AD100中国最具影响力100位建筑精英  

2021 Robb Report Lifestyle罗博报告年度设计师  


2020 IDEAT 理想家未来大奖 Best Commercial Architecture  

2020 The International Hotel & Property Awards | Hotel under 200 Rooms Shortlist  

2021 Archidaily 年度建筑大奖 Shortlist  

2021 Archidaily 中国年度建筑大奖 Shortlist  

2021 Blueprint Awards | Best Public-use Privately Funded Shortlist  

2021 HD Hospitality Design Awards | Upscale Hotel Public Space Winner  

2021 The Plan | Hospitality Honorable Mentioned  



2020 Dezeen Awards | Best Hotel Longlist  

2020 ICONIC AWARDS Innovation Architecture Winner  

2020 World Architecture Festival | Completed Buildings-Mixed Use Shortlist  

2021 German Design Awards | Architecture Special Mentioned  


Sense CAFE Beijing

2020 Archidaily 中国年度建筑大奖 Shortlist  

2020 World Architecture Festival | Completed Buildings-New and Old Shortlist  

2021 Blueprint Awards | Best Small Project Shortlist 


The Cloud Maze

2020 Archidaily 中国年度建筑大奖 Shortlist  

2020 Blueprint Awards | Best Small Project Highly Commended  

Tongling Recluse

2020 Home Italia Global Design Award | Best Commercial Space Design  

No.4 Middle School

2021 German Design Awards | Architecture Special Mentioned  


2021 German Design Awards | Architecture Special Mentioned  



As an inspiration for architectural concepts and a promoter of contemporary art, BUZZ has participated in a large number of contemporary art museums and contemporary art spaces in recent years. This process also re-stimulates the rethinking of architectural design process and theory from another dimension. At the same time, in addition to architectural practice, BUZZ has also participated in and completed a large number of exhibitions and installations. In the field of curation and art, it collided with Chinese contemporary art and creative cutting-edge thinking, and nourished our understanding of architectural design. The richness of content and the creation of a sense of experience.

59th La Biennale di Venezia Chinese Pavilion

Spatial Design 

After being a participating architect in the China National Pavilion at the 17th Venice International Architecture Biennale, BUZZ worked as the space design team, cooperated with curator Dr. Zikang Zhang, assistant curator Dongdong Sun, artists Jiayu Liu, Yuyang Wang, Lei Xu, THAD AT team, and other coordinating professional consultants to complete the design and exhibition of the China National Pavilion at the 59th Venice International Art Biennale in 2022. In response to the theme of this exhibition "Yuanjing", the artist's traditional Chinese spatial imagery or conceptual system is integrated with the current cutting-edge technology, and the space experience level is connected.

第59届威尼斯国际艺术双年展中国国家馆空间设计 2021  

17th La Biennale di Venezia Chinese Pavilion



BUZZ庄子玉工作室威双参展作品-叙事中的院子进化史 2020  


As one of the exhibiting works of the "Yard" of the China Pavilion at the 17th Venice International Architecture Biennale, BUZZ presented three prototypes, Courtyard No.7 at the Drum Tower, the Cropland Loop Resort, and Chengdu VUE Resort, about the "Yard". In terms of scale and space construction, the project linked with the content of the Forbidden City.


2020/2021 WAF INSIDE Jury









UCCA Lab“图像的旋踵”图像与空间  



BUZZ鼓楼论建Vol.3 蒋晟 X 庄子玉  

BUZZ鼓楼论建Vol.4 尤洋 X 庄子玉  





BUZZ's projects include Nanjing Hyatt, the Chamber Church, Chengdu VUE Resort, Cropland Loop Resort, Tongling Recluse, the Cloud Altas, Tianjin No. 4 Middle School, Dongfengyun Artist Studio, Guangzhou Lijiao CBD, etc. were published on "Architectural Journal", "World Architecture", "Times Architecture", "World Architecture Herald", "Contemporary Architecture", "China Architectural Design Yearbook", "2021 China Interior Design Annual", "AD Style", " BEYOUND THE WEST", "GRAND DESIGNS", "HOMEitalia", "INTERNI", "Architectural Practice", "Wallpaper", "Shangqi Art", "Taiwan Architecture", "Yunnan Architecture" and other magazines.


We always believe that architecture is a container for carrying content, and our space is closely related to the culture, context, content, products, brands, people and their consume. BUZZ has always adhered to the brand and content with quality content. At the same time, we interacted deeply with the brand, and will also enhance the value of the buildings and spaces we designed. 


In the past two years, BUZZ and Ziyu Zhuang have carried out more in-depth creative integration with a series of brands such as BMW, Dyson, Glashutte Original, Gucci, LOUIS XIII, etc., and photographed Chengdu VUE Phase I, Nanjing Unbound Collection Hotel by Hyatt, the Chamber Church, Courtyard No.7 Drum Tower and a series of projects. To a certain extent, these carried out a second creative and content remodeling of our own works. With the deepening and advancement of the diversification of space content in the future, the cooperation between architects and brands will generate various levels of empowerment and catalysis for designs, so as to be more in line with the current space demands of the public.

Looking back over the years of practice, BUZZ has always emphasized the exploration of "Chinese contemporaneity", because contemporaneity is the background of our lives, and the reality of the moment occurs in the life scenes of Chinese people, and has a rich relationship with the society. Interaction is the foundation that can provide us as designers with a steady stream of feedback. 

BUZZ, U2 by UCCA  

Under such a relationship, BUZZ is not only driven by projects, clients, and marketing, but also by the entire dynamic process of practice, which prompts us to constantly seek new design vocabulary, project positioning, and space experience while practicing. This is also the foothold that BUZZ has been adhering for the transition from a studio to a design firm.

BUZZ, Ark Activity Center