From Chinese Form to Chinese Narration

December 31, 2020

Looking back on the practice process in the past few years, "From Chinese Form to Chinese Narrative" from 2018 to 2020, BUZZ has always been committed to integrating the oriental narrative system and the conceptual perspective of contemporary art into contemporary design practice with dual innovations in thinking and technology. Through critical thinking approach, BUZZ tries to design projects (architecture, interior, installation, landscape and urban space) as the "container of experience" and expects those to reflect the "current spatial needs" at public level. 

BUZZ庄子玉工作室原型迭代图谱与山水画分形几何及散点叙事解析 2021  

To improve our development clues and supporting theoretical systems in the process of exploration, BUZZ has developed from the continuity and innovation of design products, to the stability of the realization process and the support of technology and experience, as well as the characteristics of content and the depth and breadth of content intervention. 

BUZZ, the Cloud Altas, 2020  

In the past two years, especially after the COVID epidemic, with the increasing size of the team, the diversification of project types, and the complexity of dealing with problems, BUZZ has gradually transformed from a working studio to a mid-size design firm. The change also prompted the team to re-find our own positioning from a wider dimension, and to find a new way of interpreting "from Chinese form to Chinese narrative". This interpretation continues the prototype iteration system, and explores more possibilities in the relationship between content and space.

BUZZ, 59th 威尼斯国际艺术双年展中国国家馆空间设计 2021  


As a firm with architecture and interior design, all those projects are the starting point for our exploration and discussion in all fields. We get feedback and learning from our own works. We polished the project from the early strategy to the later operation, while improving self-cognition and ac